Los Angeles

Los Angeles has become like home to Sid. From the great state of Texas to here... Sid has grown fond of the city and he has a lot to love about it now. Aside from the music and friends... here's a few things to love...


Places to know...

North Central Animal Shelter
Rescue a Cat (or Dog) in NELA.

Permanent Records
The best selection of vinyl in the neighborhood. 

The Barber Shop Club
Get a fresh cut... ask for Michelle.

Son Of A Vet Thrift Shop
Always great finds at affordable prices. 

Places to go..

Little Beast
Date night in Eagle Rock

Little Jewel of New Orleans
Po Boys and Jambalaya

El Tepeyac
An eastside institution... if you know you know.... tequila.

Balboa Recording Studio
Escape to Santa Fe or escape down the street to Balboa to record your next song.